In memoriam

Biography of a mare with a short life

It was the summer of 1988 when my husband and I visited the Slovakian National Stud Topol´cianky. In the morning, right after breakfast we went to see the young mares.
The young horses aged 1 - 3 years were playing and grazing on the pastures. A great variety of breeds were present: Arabs, Shaygas, ponies, warmblood horses and Lipizzans.

The veterinary took us to see the Lipizzans. All of a sudden the whole herd took off in full gallop. Just ONE horse stood still - like a statue - and looked at us. It was a young Lipizzan mare with blue eyes. At the time she was merely one and a half years old. Although heavily blowing her nostrils she walked up to us calmly, step by step while the other horses were still running around.
She stopped right in front of me and looked at me. Her neck getting longer and longer. Up to this day I cannot say what fascinated her, all I do know is that I too was completely fascinated.

From that moment on she stayed with me and didn’t move an inch from my side
while we continued to look at the other Lipizzans. The Veterinary informed us, that this blue eyed mare had already been sold
to the Slovenian National Circus. So, we had a look at the Lipizzan stallions and then returned to Germany.
Yet I could not forget the ”Blue-Eye” - she was on my mind for weeks and months until at the End of the year I became pregnant and therefore had plenty of other things to think about.

Our little son was born in August 1989 and while I was still in hospital my husband came to my bed and handed me a piece of paper. It was a sales contract for the blue-eyed mare. Don´t ask me how he managed to arrange that. But he was aware that there was some special bond between that mare and me.

We named her RIPOSADA. She arrived in Germany in October 1989. There was still that same loving feeling and understanding. It was quiet unbelievable. Although it wasn´t an easy friendship at all between two headstrong ladies. But each of us was willing to give everything for the other. She won every possible award on Lipizzan Breed Shows.

In Summer 1995 Riposada had her 4th foal, a just seven week old filly, at her side while already with foal again when a very stupid farmer came to deliver hay. For no apparent reason he moved a toxic plant infront of Riposada`s box....
We tried everything to safe her life but there was nothing anyone could do.
After 4 days in the clinic we were asked to pick up the foal.

I can still hear the mare yelling when we left the stables with the little foal in our arms.

Riposada had to be put down at the age of 8 !

It still terrifies us to think about what happened during those days. And we will never be able to forget this wonderful mare. For this reason I decided to create a monument for her in form of a sculpture.

A monument for a mare with character and talent,
who is dam and granddam to offspring that continues to win all national and international contests,
a mare with a giant heart.